Trevor Noah is coming to Singapore!!

Trevor Noah is making a stop to Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, the only three Asian stop for his Loud and Clear tour. He will be coming to Singapore on the 19th of August and I cannot wait! I never dreamt that he would make a stop in Asia for his stand-up comedy tour. And the best part: I got tickets!

Tickets were sold out in Singapore within 5 minutes, with sporadic seats in odd places were all that was left after that. I somehow knew that it was going to be a sold out performance, so I made sure to get my credit card and website ready the moment when SISTIC ordering page was open. I wasn’t interested in getting front line seats. For attending a stand-up comedy performance, personally I feel that any seats anywhere is fine. You don’t have to be smack at the front to fully enjoy the show. I’m sure there are secondary screens for those at the back, and seeing him from a distance yet right in front of you live on stage is still a surreal experience. I attended the Jeff Dunham stand-up comedy act a few years back, he was best known for his ventriloquist skills of Achmed The Dead Terrorist. That was hilarious!

No doubt I am definitely looking forward to his act in August. He will be performing at the Star Theatre in Buona Vista.

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