The benefits of wearing an Apple Watch


I bought the Apple Watch series 3 last November. It was an impulse buy. I had some additional cash and I thought: why not? I went to the Apple Store, and bought the black aluminium Nike edition 42mm Apple Watch. I didn’t know what to expect. There was no way to predict whether I would like wearing a smartwatch on my wrist in a daily basis, or if this is just a fad. I was wearing a Tissot Visodate automatic watch previously and I love the classy look of that watch. It just goes well with any apparel that you wear, be it casual or formal. I was a bit apprehensive on how it would look on my wrist from the get go.

Now almost 1 year in, and I have benefited from wearing the Apple Watch greatly, more than I anticipated as a matter of fact.

The more I wear, the more I am convinced that wearing a smartwatch has provided me with intangible benefits that is certainly hard to quantify.

At the very basic level, tracking your heart rate, your sleep and overall activity level had made me more health conscious. I am a 30 year old male and I exercise regularly. Not to look good but primarily so that my fitness level is up to par for me to pass my annual IPPT. Wearing the Apple Watch has enabled me to workout smarter and more efficiently than before. With its ability to track how fast I run, and how many calories I burn, and how long I have been working out and how often I work out per week, the swath of data that Apple Watch keeps track allowed me to not only pace my workout at more regular intervals. It has also enabled me to vary my workout routine, so that I know I am getting an all around workout regime that not only focuses on my cardio workouts but also my strength workouts.

Tracking my sleep patterns also enabled me to keep track on whether I am getting enough sleep and whether I should hit the sack earlier the next day if I am running on a deficit. The quality of sleep can also be tracked, which is useful as it partially explains why I wake up feeling tired despite the full 7 hours of sleep.

Lately, attempting to close all 3 activity rings is strangely satisfying.

Notifications pushed through the watch is extremely useful now, as I can do a notification ‘triage’, pushing important and urgent notifications from text messages, breaking news headlines to my wrist, but leaving everything else secondary to my phone. That way, I know which notifications are important and which can be left to be checked at a later time. This feature is extremely useful for me as a researcher who is constantly having to wear gloves which sometimes prevented me from fishing out my phone in my pocket. Now, important notifications is pushed to my watch and I can take a glance at it anytime from my wrist.

Driving is also another situation where I no longer have to glance my phone to read text messages, which is dangerous, but instead I can simply take a peak on my watch worn on my wrist while driving and perhaps reply with a set of short replies with a touch on the watch.

Other useful features to have is the ability to control music on my watch wireless. I love this feature and it is extremely convenient at parties and gatherings.

Siri features is also a great bonus to have. Now I can just enable Siri and command her to control my lights, without having to use the phone.

Overall, I initially thought that wearing a smartwatch would make my life more complicated. One more gadget to charge and make use of, now that I have bought it. But over time, I have come to appreviate


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