Starbucks card and more


A card with a prepaid value in which you can top it after you use it. You can use it to buy anything from Starbucks. I’ve been meaning to get that card for a long time. Now with an iPhone app, you can tag your Starbucks account to the card and keep track of the value online. You can even top it up using your phone via Visa. I got the card mainly for the perks, and while I am not a regular Starbucks drinker, I do hang out and chill with my friends at Starbucks. This presents a very unique opportunity for me to ‘share’ the card with my friends, raking up perks so that I can get special discounts, free drinks and so on. My friend simply have to pay me in cash for the price of the coffee, and they simply use the card. I could even treat my friends from time to time to free drinks or discounts on various drinks that may crop up from time to time. It’s a perk worth having, especially when it becomes even more convenient to track your spending through your phone.

The perks include a free drink upon registration of the card, a free drink after crediting 12 drinks to your card. A free cake for your birthday and other promotions on coffee beans, and so on and so forth. And with december just around the corner, I am just waiting for Starbucks to reintroduce Toffee Nut Latte. Now that, I foresee drinking regularly in the month of December. I just love that drink to death.

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