It is that time of the year again: Should I upgrade to an iPhone 12 Pro Max?

I can’t seem to escape from the allure of upgrading my phone to the latest and greatest that Apple has to offer every single year. Despite the fact that I use my current phone for just under a year in most cases for the past few years, I still have the strong urge to upgrade to a new model that Apple releases like clockwork.

While there are definitely new features one can enjoy with upgrading, there is really no need to upgrade a smartphone on an annual basis as whatever phone I current have is will still serve me well many years down the road.

So I find it peculiar why I cannot break the upgrade cycle and overcome my irrationality when it comes to Apple’s iPhones. Despite resisting, I will still end up with a brand new phone as soon as the pre-order page comes up.

Take last year for example. I managed to resist it and gave the pre-order a miss. But I immediately regretted it and had to scour the online third-party retail just so I can secure one close to launch day. What changed my mind? I had no idea. Is it because of the midnight green color that Apple offered in their 11 Pro Max models? Or the triple camera set up?

How about the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max then? What new features have they announced that I am strongly influenced by to hand over almost $2000 for a brand new shiny iPhone? It’s an irrational decision, when my current phone still looks brand new. But why am I so compelled to repeat the process every single year?

That super-strong attraction of getting a new phone is something that I myself can neither explain not peel myself away from it.

On November 6, mark my words, I will be ready in front of the computer to secure my pre-order, in the hopes of getting it on launch day. Do I need the new phone? No. Do I want it? Hell Yes. Can I resist the temptation? Maybe not.

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