Treating fungi infection

I’ve had it for a long time, but never really gave much thought about it. It happened on my back. A small spot on my upper left back, near the shoulder blades. And I think, over time, that spot grew and created a different spot on my lower left back. Now I had two major spots where I had fungi related skin infection on my upper and lower left back. It’s not itchy. It barely gave me any problems, other than the occasional dry skin on those patches. I largely ignored it till recently, when I decided to have it checked and have it diagnosed. It turned out that I did have a fungi related skin infection and that it would be best to treat it now, rather than having the patch grow bigger and throughout my back.

The patch is not exactly visible, if and only if, you keep your skin dry. However, once I sweat and I take a shower, those spots turned out red and it looks really obvious that you have a skin problem.

So of I went to the doctor and he confirmed that I have a fungi infection. He gave me a comprehensive treatment plan that involved the use of a bar of soap to be used when showering, effective in dealing with skin conditions such as mine. He told me to use it, till I finish the entire bar of soap. He gave me anti-fungi pills, to be taken once a day for the next ten days. This is to discourage fungi infection from within and in any other places in my body that I might have missed when applying the anti-fungi cream, three times a day which he also prescribed to me. It is day two today, and judging from looking at the infected areas,it doesn’t seem to show any major improvements. I think to combat such skin conditions, it would definitely take some time and you have to be prepared for the long haul in treating this condition to the point of eradication.

The good thing is, the patches are not really visible when I wear my t shirt, since it just manifested itself primarily on my back. I am really hoping that it would go away, after two weeks or so. Maybe I could try to get more anti-fungal cream recommended by the doctor at my local pharmacy and continue using it until it totally gone from my body. If it works, it would finally be able to get rid of the spots I had for several years.

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