Starbucks at Rochester Park

  Today, a couple of my friends introduced to me to an amazing new Starbucks Cafe at Rochester Park. After having a late dinner at Jurong, we decided to drive down to Buona Vista and from there, decided to chill at Starbucks. But lo and behold, I never knew they had a Starbucks outlet there.... Continue Reading →

I wish..

Sometimes I wish that I could be more courageous, more confident about myself. To fully accept who I really am and not think too much about how others look at me. In a perfect world, it would seem that everyone would be understanding and accepting towards one another. But everyone has their own insecurities about... Continue Reading →

Davidoff Champion

I have been using the men's fragrance by Davidoff, Champion which was released in 2010 for about a year now. I am now in my second bottle and I still loved it a lot. It smells great, leaving you fresh and invigorated especially after you apply after a good shower and are about to meet... Continue Reading →

Pandemic, the board game

Saboteur is a great card game that can accommodate up to 10 players. Its a great and fun party game where two teams compete against each other, preventing each other from reaching their goals. Such board games and card games that can accommodate such a large group of people is hard to come by. There... Continue Reading →

The PS4

I already own a PS3. It is my second set. The first one gave way after using for about 4 years. I bought my first PS3 on the second year after it was originally released. Since then I had my fair share of games played on the console. Lately however, it has been a drought.... Continue Reading →

NTU photo album

I recently selected 40 photos to be developed that best represented my time in NTU. It has been a wonderful 4 years in NTU and I felt that it would be good to search for photos, either from my own collection or through my Facebook photo gallery that would reflect my wonderful time there. As... Continue Reading →

Professional family photoshoot

So my family decided to book an appointment with Serangoon Broadway photostudio for a professional photoshoot, now that I have graduated. It is the same place that I collected my graduation gown for the graduation ceremony. So we went there, wearing formal and all, and the service was fast, good and efficient. We prepped ourselves,... Continue Reading →

The things I miss most about school.

While graduation was officially over just last week, I completed school a couple of months back, after my completion of my FYP poster presentation. That was officially the last day that I needed to go back school for any formal assignments or lessons. After that, it was a blur. I had to prepare to continue... Continue Reading →

Post graduation BBQ chalet

  It was a success, even though we planned a little late and did not manage to reserve the ideal chalet, we still had a lot of fun and the turn-out was good. Slightly more than 20 people came for the chalet and it was a good turnout, since we predicted and bought food for... Continue Reading →

Happy 11th Anniversary blog!

I don't usually do this, but today happens to mark the 11th anniversary of my blog!! ¬†Actually, that is not accurate. The entries on this blog is a culmination of all other blog websites I have accumulated over the years. It is only recently that I managed to export all my entries from the other... Continue Reading →


  31st of July was the day of my convocation. After 4 years of study in NTU, I finally get to graduate. And graduate with a second class upper division. I am truly happy right now. I not only achieved my goals I set out at the beginning of school when I first started out... Continue Reading →

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