The Five Dollar Savings plan

I read this wonderful savings plan from someone else's blog, called the 'Five Dollar Savings Plan". It's a simple activity that anyone can do. Basically, you commit to yourself that every time you encounter a five dollar bank note in your day to day cash transactions, you keep it and refrain from using it to... Continue Reading →

Travel plans

So  I haven't got a job yet. It is going to take a while till I land a job, but I am optimistic that it will come soon. I just have to keep on searching. I was chilling with my friends when one of them broached the subject of travelling plans in the coming months... Continue Reading →

To be content and not compare

Sometimes I need a reminder. And that is to be content and not compare. To live and enjoy the moment, rather than be blinded how I reached my destination in the first place. To live life as if every day is a special day, a gift given to us, to cherish it, to laugh and... Continue Reading →

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