I AM GROOT! Marvel x Adidas Collab!

I am not a sneaker head. But when I saw this pair of shoes being advertised by JDSports, I just had to get it. In my opinion, it is one of the best collaborations between Marvel and Stan Smith Adidas. And what better way than to sell a pair of shoes in the sustainable spirit of Groot, from Guardians of the Galaxy.

This is actually my very first pair of white shoes. The last time I had a pair of white shoes like that was when I was in secondary school, where all students had to wear white shoes and nothing else.

These shoes are pretty special. It’s environmentally friendly. The smooth synthetic upper looks and feels like leather, but it is actually made from recycled materials. 50% of of upper is made from recycled content. Anchoring down the shoe is the contrasting cork midsole look, which is pretty clever as it honours the wood-like appeal that makes Groot, Groot.

The cork midsole is what draws me to this shoe. It just looks really unique without being loud. You would recognise a Stan Smith shoe from the overall whites and shape of the shoe. But adding that cork midsole, just makes the shoe stand out a little bit more. Anyone who is paying attention to your shoe will immediately notice the difference between an ordinary Stan Smith shoe and a special collab version.

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