Let’s talk about Arcane League of Legends

Mind blown. That was my first reaction after binge-watching the entire season 1 of Arcane League of Legends. The last time I had such a feeling was when I was playing Death Stranding and came away incredibly impressed with the game after playing with ZERO expectations and prior knowledge about the content that I was about to consume. And Arcane League of Legends, a 3D hybrid animation series developed by Netflix left me with this fuzzy feeling that I have stumbled upon a true gem. It pays to truly enjoy something with zero expectations. Like being caught up in a wave and you just resigned yourself to just get swept off your feet, only to realise that it had been one hell of an adventure.

Developed by Fortiche Studio, which to me is an unknown animation studio and exceeding my expectations in terms of the animation quality simply boggles my mind. Fortiche was able to make 8 whole episodes filled with Spiderverse-like quality. That is simply amazing. Kudos to Fortiche.

Voice acting is superb and spot-on. They have definitely hired the right actors to play the myriad of roles for this series. Cast includes Hailee Steinfield, Kevin Alejandro, Harry Lloyd and even Shohreh Aghdashloo.

I seriously cannot wait for season 2. I know that the game has close to a hundred different characters to choose from, so creating a League of Legends universe is a no-brainer. The sky’s the limit in terms of the kinds of stories Epic Games and Fortiche want to tell and which characters to feature.

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