Starbucks card and more

A card with a prepaid value in which you can top it after you use it. You can use it to buy anything from Starbucks. I've been meaning to get that card for a long time. Now with an iPhone app, you can tag your Starbucks account to the card and keep track of the... Continue Reading →

Treating fungi infection

I've had it for a long time, but never really gave much thought about it. It happened on my back. A small spot on my upper left back, near the shoulder blades. And I think, over time, that spot grew and created a different spot on my lower left back. Now I had two major... Continue Reading →

Brand new battery for my Macbook Air

After 3 days of servicing, I finally collected my Macbook Air, with a new battery inside. Last week, I sent it for servicing, after my battery capacity dropped drastically to around 60%. The "Service Battery" indicator was turned on as well, reminding me to send the Macbook Air for servicing. Now it feels like I... Continue Reading →

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