The eufy Robovac 11S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Today I received the Robot vacuum cleaner from eufy a sub-brand of Anker. I bought the vacuum cleaner on Shopee two days ago and it arrived just in time for the weekend.

This is the first time that I ever owned a robot vacuum cleaner, and my first impression of it is that it really works better than I expected given the fact that this model is an entry level model as far as robot vacuum cleaners are concerned.

It does not have advanced features like app controlled capabilities, room mapping capabilities and advanced scheduling. It simply goes around the room at random picking out dust, dirt and hair, avoiding furniture and walls either by its two infrared sensors on the sides of the vacuum cleaner or by the front bumpers that will tell the vacuum cleaner that it hit something.

Still, what I like about this model is how quiet this vacuum cleaner is. I wasn’t annoyed by the noise at all as it makes its way around the living room.

Its random movement around the house is also pretty efficient. It manages to cover just about every spot in the living and dining room before the vacuum cleaner loses power and has to return to base to recharge itself. It can run about 60 to 90 minutes depending on the suction power it employs depending on the surface it encounters, either tiles or carpet.

I find the dust compartment a little small, which means that you need to clear the compartment almost every other day if you set the vacuum cleaner to roam the house to once a day, every day. But it is a minor gripe.

Another gripe that I had is that I had to come up with creative ways to prevent the vacuum cleaner from going to the kitchen. The kitchen and the living room doesn’t have a door between them. So I had to hastily erect some form of a barrier to prevent the vacuum cleaner from entering the kitchen. This particular model doesn’t recognise magnetic strips or infrared sensors in which you can place at certain areas of the house to prevent entry.

I was lucky to buy this vacuum cleaner at a pretty good discount. This particular model usually goes for around S$249 to maybe S$229 at best. But over the National Day holiday, Shopee was having a discount for the eufy Robovac 11S. It was going for S$180. It was a steal that I immediately clicked on the ‘buy’ button on the website the moment I saw the price. I have been eyeing on getting a robovac for quite a while now and seeing this going for less than S$200 is a great deal.

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