Booked my iPhone 5s


I am a Singtel mobile subscriber. So when Singtel opened the floodgates to register for you interest in getting your hands on the new iPhone 5s, I pounced on the opportunity in the hopes that I would get one. But it is not that I need one. Rather, it was my mum that needed my current phone, which is the iPhone 5. My mum, who currently uses the iPhone 4s, has some problems using it. The wifi in that phone is no longer working, so it is a little bit annoying, not being able to connect to a blazing fast wifi connection at home and use the phone to surf or watch videos. At 4pm today, Singtel opened a site to book an appointment to purchase the iPhone 5s. I booked my slot on the 20th September, 8pm to 10pm. That is the time where I would be able to purchase my reserved set. I would have to collect at Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Hall. Most shocking though was that within 4 minutes, the gold sets were completely snapped up. All the golden iPhone 5s were officially out of stock. Fortunately, I had camped out in the afternoon, so that the moment the site was up at 4pm, I quickly entered my particulars and made my reservation. I reserved a Space Gray iPhone 5s 16gb version.

So what is my take on the new phone released by Apple? I am not particular excited about it. I must admit, it seemed lacklustre when the specs and features on the new iPhone was announced. I expected more. Something revolutionary. Something that is worth upgrading for. But alas, the major highlight of the press conference was the Touch ID feature. It looks neat, and no doubt the best fingerprint scanner out there in consumer electronics. Apple is good and introducing technologies to the mass market that “just works”. The Touch ID is another new list of features that will definitely work well from the get go. Of course, you have a whole new iOS7, and the internals have been beefed up which is great for users who are still sticking to their iPhone 4 or 4s. The improvements for them would be staggering.

Given a choice, there is really no need for me to upgrade. My current iPhone 5 works like a charm. I have no complaints over that one. But my mum needs a new phone. So now that my line is eligible for recontract, I might as well use this opportunity to upgrade.

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