What If Singapore Practices "Black Friday"?

I wonder by how much would singaporean shoppers differ from our American counterparts when it comes to Black Friday Shopping. Black Friday, is as some of you might now know is usually the Friday after thanksgiving and it marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. During that day and only that day, major retailers... Continue Reading →

Glee: Hairography

This week's episode of Glee brought tears to my eyes, literary. I was so moved when they sang alongside the choir for the deaf. Yes you heard that right. The choir for the deaf. In this week's episode Quinn tries a little experiment. She wants to see how Puck fares when it comes to raising... Continue Reading →

North Korean Defectors

Was watching a documentary on the History Channel about the trials and tribulations that the people of North Korea would have to go through to gain their freedom from communist rule. It was such a touching tale about a group of defectors trying to escape to Bangkok where they will be able to get political... Continue Reading →

Assassin's Creed II Impressions.

I played the first installment of the game and while it boasts some really original concepts when it was released, it was very flat in terms of gameplay in my opinion. Now with the release of Assassin's Creed II, it is as if the developers took their beloved gem and spent 2 years to bring... Continue Reading →

Glee: The Music Vol 2

As I'm still sitting here waiting for my copy of Glee: The Music Vol 1 to arrive from Amazon, and yet, they have already announce that the second volume will be arriving on Dec 8! I just finished watching episode 10 of the series and it's getting better and better every week. The song selection... Continue Reading →

Things to do during the holidays

Seriously CANNOT wait for the exams to be over. I'm pretty much through with this semester. Very lousy semester for me. Oh well, no point in hovering over the negativities. In the meantime I have come with a list of things to do during the holidays. Games to play: Play and complete Modern Warfare II.... Continue Reading →

Sinking boat melodrama

A friend of mine showed me this clip from failblog and I find this pretty hilarious. Too many people partying on the boat = boat sinks = Celine Dion takes center stage = Sings Titanic theme song = Epic melodrama. The timing is just so right! And who says soundtracks can't evoke strong emotions? Emotions... Continue Reading →

Kris Allen album due 17 November

Kris Allen self titled album will be due on 17th November, his first full fledged album after emerging as the winner in last season's American Idol."Live Like We're Dying is an amazing single, one of the track that would be featured in his upcoming album. Written by The Script, which I happened to be a... Continue Reading →

2012 (Film) is just wow…

Just came back from the movie screening of 2012. I watched it in Digital and the impact of the movie was just astounding. Roland Emmerich has done it again, and a much better one this time than the last disaster movie. I was pretty stunned at the massive amount of CG effects used in this... Continue Reading →

Modern Warfare 2 Sells 5 Million on Day One

Modern Warfare managed to sell almost 5 million copies on day one, and that is only preliminary internal sales figure from Activision. The numbers could be much higher if we include total worldwide sales. Some are even expecting at least 7 million copies on day one itself. Regardless, the company managed to rake in almost... Continue Reading →

Dragon Age Origins Collectors Edition

The Collectors Edition of Dragon Age Origins is finally available in Singapore! What do they have inside? The CE of Dragon Age comes with a sturdy wooden box with a very nice engraving of a twin bird at the back and a brown and gold branding of a sword in the front. Of course everything... Continue Reading →

Modern Warfare 2 in my hands!

On time as well! 11/10/09. The most anticipated game ever released in gaming history is finally here! Predicted to sell more than 5 million in the first week alone, and raking in more than USD500 million, it would be the greatest release ever in videogame history, even bigger than the biggest Hollywood movie opener in... Continue Reading →

Uni life: A restrospect

Its been almost a semester since I entered uni. Life in uni wasn't what I was expecting. Gone were the glory days of poly life, where you had so much fun, lessons were engaging, classroom sizes were small, and lab practical sessions were our 'study playground', with ample room to explore and discover new things.... Continue Reading →

The Prince of Persia Trailer

I have been a great fan of the Prince of Persia franchise. I started playing The Sands of Time Trilogy on the PC, all the way to the 2008's latest iteration of the game for the consoles. Each game I played was as good as the previous one and it is rare to play such... Continue Reading →

A Forklift is not a Go-Kart

A forklift is not a toy. It may seem fun to drive around, but in actual fact, you need to be qualified to drive one. And that takes some time in undergoing training and familiarizing with the controls. This guy apparently needs more training. He just bashes through one of the warehouse's storage structure, and... Continue Reading →

Presenting the Mac Mini!

At exactly 1pm, the DHL personnel arrived to deliver a very special package that I had been waiting patiently since this morning. It is none other than the Mac Mini!! The box is so much smaller than the previous Mac Mini versions. The absence of a remote control for Front Row is a little disappointing.... Continue Reading →

2 Minutes 17 Seconds

2 Minutes 17 seconds, the whole world blacked out and every single human being on the planet saw their future on that moment 6 months from now. I'd be freaked out if these thing were to happen. I mean, to see your brief future self 6 months in advance, it can be devastating for some... Continue Reading →

It's on the way…

Finally ordered my Mac Mini. And it should arrive in 3 working days. Costing at SGD1188 after factoring in student price, I decided to get the higher end version of the Mac Mini. I went to the Apple store at Wheelocks to take a look at the new line of iMacs, and boy they sure... Continue Reading →

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