North Korean Defectors

Was watching a documentary on the History Channel about the trials and tribulations that the people of North Korea would have to go through to gain their freedom from communist rule. It was such a touching tale about a group of defectors trying to escape to Bangkok where they will be able to get political asylum and be deported to South Korea and finally their freedom.

I never imagined that there are so many people from North Korea who had a strong desire to run away from their homeland. The conditions in the north are so bad that people are willing to die to get a chance in running across the border to China. They risk being shot by the border patrol guards or detained in concentration camps where their fate will be unknown.

Tonight’s documentary was an eye opener for me. I always knew that there are ways in which a north korean is able to gain freedom upon escaping, but I never knew that just by crossing the border to China wasn’t the end of the story. Apparently they risk getting caught in China and once caught China they will immediately deport them back to North Korea where they will most likely face the firing squad under the pretense of being a traitor. So their best hope? Run to Bangkok, Thailand, the only few places where they will truly gain freedom.

Watched them suffer so much travelling from Shengyang, to Beijing, crossing the borders to Laos and finally to Thailand. They had to traverse thick jungles and wilderness, rivers and border patrols just so that would be able to seek a South Korean embassy in Thailand and be deported to South Korea instead. Such a harrowing tale or a group of young women, a elderly lady and a small boy, who miraculously made it through.

Of broken families and shattered dreams, miracles and hope. Truly respect them. Next Sunday there will another documentary, this time about the life in North Korea, how the people live about their daily lives under communist rule. One of the most isolated and secretive nation in the world. This documentary will offer a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the Communist nation.

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