Happy New Year!!!

My Resolution (for now)Go swimming regularly! Study Harder and improve my GPA, long summer break, so study hard THEN play harder! no excuses in not putting my 100% JUST DO IT BITCH!! Achieve a B and above for all my grades this semester! NO C!!! Long vacation to Turkey!! WOOOOT! Gonna learn Photoshop during my... Continue Reading →

Magic Mouse: Should I buy?

Of all the things I have purchased after a lenghty research, I have never been more split in my decision in whether I should buy the new Magic Mouse. This product is truly the epitome of " Love it or Hate it" and frankly I dunno which side I should be on. Despite reading reviews... Continue Reading →

Last day of 2009

Today is the last day of 2009. What a year it has been. I haven't written down my New Year's Resolution yet. I really need to write a list down soon. Not gonna hurt if i delay is by a few days. New directions for the new year ahead would be most helpful in having... Continue Reading →

Songs of 2009

Was going through my itunes library and decided to create a playlist. Its called: Songs of 2009. In no particular order, these were the songs that were released in 2009 and those were the songs that I like. Name Artist One Time Justin Bieber New Divide Linkin Park Meet Me Halfway Black Eyed Peas Tik... Continue Reading →

Avatar the movie (and soundtrack)

Rarely do you watch such a movie so captivating, so magical, and real and you can no longer distinguish what is real and what is not. James Cameron has done it again, with a brand new masterpiece, a masterpiece that took the entire decade since its inception in James's mind. When technology was ripe, he... Continue Reading →

Random Photos (of my room)

I took a couple of photos of my room. Pretty proud of it, considering I came up with the layout and design of it. But the best part of my room is definitely the computer desktop. I wont show you much of my room. With SGD 1000 budget to remake my room, I must say... Continue Reading →

Summer Wars movie book

I came across Summer Wars movie book at Kinokuniya. So tempted to buy, but it's all in japanese and i dont really understand what they are really saying. Anyways, a major portion of that book, my guess has a lot of director commentary about the movie. It shows numerous shots of the film, much like... Continue Reading →

Summer Wars

Summer Wars is the latest anime to be directed by Mamoru Hosudo, who happened to also direct the award winning film, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. That animated film was one of my favourite in recent years. Now Mr Hosudo has done it again with Summer Wars.It is very rare for a film to... Continue Reading →

Project Windows 7: Success!

A couple of my friends went to my house to help me install Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. I wasn't sure how to install on my PC so my friends decided to assist me. But toward the end, it was a success. Now my Mac Mini has Windows 7 64 bit installed and I'm pretty happy... Continue Reading →

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