The Prince of Persia Trailer

I have been a great fan of the Prince of Persia franchise. I started playing The Sands of Time Trilogy on the PC, all the way to the 2008’s latest iteration of the game for the consoles. Each game I played was as good as the previous one and it is rare to play such a consistently good game. Created by Jordan Mechner, this epic franchise is about to hit the silver screen, under the incredible and talented filmmaker, Jerry Bruckheimer.

I was very skeptical when Disney had the rights to the movie. Games to movie adaptations have always been bad. Look at Tomb Raider and Doom. They are mega flops. But when I heard that Jerry Bruckheimer would be handling the rights of the film, I was hopefully optimistic that it might turn out to be the next Pirates of the Carribean type of summer blockbuster flick. And sure enough, judging by the trailer that has just been released, it sure packs a punch.


Mind you it is only a trailer, and I love the direction in which this moving is taking, but I still have my doubts. Sure I will definitely enjoy the movie as a blockbuster flick, but a good representation of the game? Have to wait and see. I’ve spotted some great elements from the movie that they adapted from the game and that is a good sign already. The parkours, the effects, the ‘Dagger of Time’ and the prince’s transformation, are all looking real good.


Jake Gyllenhaal looks real good in that movie. And in my opinion, he passed as a prince in the movie. He looks somewhat like the prince in the game, so I have no qualms about that. The girl, no Farah, so I’m a little disappointed in that department.


Anyway, the movie is coming out in May 2010. So you must watch this film!!

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