2012 (Film) is just wow…

Just came back from the movie screening of 2012. I watched it in Digital and the impact of the movie was just astounding. Roland Emmerich has done it again, and a much better one this time than the last disaster movie. I was pretty stunned at the massive amount of CG effects used in this film.

2012, the film by now you would know, is another disaster film, and this time it’s more impactful. For once, it has a satisfying ending, lots of CG effects and frankly speaking, a pretty good cohesive story to it. It flows very well in my opinion. I certainly don’t want to spoil it because the story really somehow manages to complement all the elements of the film, even though you might think that the disaster sequences are nothing but action. But it does somehow plays a role in how the movie unfolds and I really like that.

You get to see LA decimated, Washington wiped out by a giant ass tsunami, Las Vegas in ruins, India forever wiped out, Yellowstone Park doing a Hiroshima with all the volcanic explosion, and lots more. I thought the LA disaster sequences was the only such sequences to use heavy CG effects. Remember The Day After Tomorrow? Movie feels kinda empty right? There were moments where the pace was so slow and you were wishing there were more action. Well fret not. Apparently, Roland Emmerich has learned his lesson and he literally kept me glued to the sit throughout the movie, at the same time holding my breath as the destruction plays out in front of me. I mean, this is a visual feast for the eyes!

In short I would say that the 200 million dollar budget was pretty well spent, considering the amount of action and CG use throughout the movie even till the end (huge set pieces for the ‘ark’).

One thing I don’t really like about the movie is the cheesy dialogue at times. Yes moments of patriotism and talks about humanity, being human, compassion were all ok, but I feel the scriptwriting was a bit lazy and sloppy. It could have been better if the lines were more tight and relevant to the situation.

But all in all, you will definitely enjoy this movie. Go watch it. It’s a good thrill, money well spent only and ONLY if you watch it in digital. I mean, come on, it’s all about the CG effects we are talking about here, don’t you want to see it all in its ultra HD, 4K cinema glory?

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