It's on the way…

Finally ordered my Mac Mini. And it should arrive in 3 working days.

Costing at SGD1188 after factoring in student price, I decided to get the higher end version of the Mac Mini. I went to the Apple store at Wheelocks to take a look at the new line of iMacs, and boy they sure look really beautiful. The 27 inch screen was just awesome and there was so much workspace within that screen size. It was just massive. They were also clearing out some of the older stocks of iMacs, notably the 20 inch and 24 inch ones at very competitive prices. I think the old ones were selling at SGD500 cheaper than they used to.

At one point I was so tempted to get the older model. Hey, it comes with the screen and everything you could ask for for around SGD1488. But I decided against it. Greed can be a terrible thing, and its a potent combination when you are already broke! Never gonna pay by credit. I live within my means and that the Mac Mini will do well enough for my purposes.

3 thoughts on “It's on the way…

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  1. YES! u finally got ur mac…
    bought the 37inch mac lcd for ur mini?

  2. lol its far too expensive for me. Unless youre willing to sponsor me.. hehhe

  3. chey. hahaha.. sigh, love the new imac range that came out last week… slimmer base, more ports, bigger screen… SIGH.

    if only mac does trade-ins. T__T

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