A Forklift is not a Go-Kart

A forklift is not a toy. It may seem fun to drive around, but in actual fact, you need to be qualified to drive one. And that takes some time in undergoing training and familiarizing with the controls. This guy apparently needs more training. He just bashes through one of the warehouse's storage structure, and... Continue Reading →

Presenting the Mac Mini!

At exactly 1pm, the DHL personnel arrived to deliver a very special package that I had been waiting patiently since this morning. It is none other than the Mac Mini!! The box is so much smaller than the previous Mac Mini versions. The absence of a remote control for Front Row is a little disappointing.... Continue Reading →

2 Minutes 17 Seconds

2 Minutes 17 seconds, the whole world blacked out and every single human being on the planet saw their future on that moment 6 months from now. I'd be freaked out if these thing were to happen. I mean, to see your brief future self 6 months in advance, it can be devastating for some... Continue Reading →

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