Counting down to Uncharted 2

Coming Oct 13, one of, THE most anticipated Playstation 3 exclusive is about to hit store shelves everywhere around the world. Its none other than Uncharted 2: Among Theives.With stellar reviews all over the globe, from gaming blogs, to magazines, it just keeps getting better. I remembered playing Uncharted 1 and it was one of the first first games I bought right after I purchased my PS3. Right then and there, I never had so much fun, so much adventure while playing a video game. It cemented my wise decision to choose the PS3, as my next gaming console (on top of the primary blu-ray player as it was the cheapest you can get at the time). After having read multiple reviews and seen my fair share of spoilers (damn you reviewers!), I just cant wait to get my hands on this thing on the 13th. My attempts to get it earlier (via here) failed. Somebody broke the street date and I failed to catch the news in time. Lucky bastards…

Metacritic as of writing with a tally of 37 reviews, stands at 97/100. Universal acclaim and if I am not wrong, the highest rated exclusive for the Playstation 3 platform.

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