Mac Religion

For a while now I have been trying to justify my need to get a Mac. I have been toying with the idea of converting to a mac. After a couple of disastrous experiences with windows vista, I realized that enough is enough. Truth be told, I can actually tolerate some of the rough edges vista have been given me so far. Since I have been using it for years, its features and interface have, been at the tip of my fingertips. Using it shouldn’t be a problem at all as I know my way around. This is particularly important when it comes to work productivity.

I have a Mac mini that my mum uses it for work. I decided to use it for once, dedicate an entire day in using it, meddling with the features, with softwares like iWorks, iLife and such. So what happens at the end of the day?

I’m a total convert.

I have to get a Mac for myself. It was that good. If I could describe my one-day affair with Mac in a few words, it would be these; seamless, robust, extremely friendly.

Don’t get me wrong, I have used Mac numerous times in short durations, but never have I dedicated an entire day just to get to know Mac intimately. And I had done it. And I love it.

I started using iWorks 09, because I was curious with Keynote, Mac’s version of Powerpoint Presentation software.  I have seen come really incredible presentations done by Keynote and decided if I could do it the same, my way. After a couple of hours, I had my first presentation. It was professionally done, and it was that easy. I was convinced that its powerful features are so easy to use, that  just about anyone with a brain could use it.

I got the hang of using the Mac interface, and I love it a lot. I’m so getting a Mac, for my next computer. There is no argument in that. I just need to save some money, wait for Apple’s new lineup of Mac computers rumored to come out anytime soon, and I can officially say goodbye to Microsoft.

Partly the reason why I chose to set up a new blog was to actually update all my future content using the Mac, as I’m sure it would do wonders for me. With the Mac platform, for the first time, I’m actually very interested in learning some of the programming languages and all the other IT, internet stuff to enhance my site. With a Mac, I’m confident in delving into the nitty gritty stuff of html, php, css and what have you got out there.

Evans, im looking at you Evans, you and your shiny new toy. You better keep that safe or the next thing you see is using that as mine. I’m really dying to form a relationship with Mac.

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