The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel

Last Christmas, I received a nice little present from my relatives. They gave me a handy little Body Shop Gift pack containing a small bottle of Mango Shower Gel, Moisturizing cream and other related products. Recently, I got the chance to try out the Body Shop’s shower gel for the very first time.

It has been 2 weeks since I first used. And I really like it a lot. And since I like mangoes, the mango shower gel couldn’t be more perfect. Though the shower gels are tailored and marketed towards females, I dont find strange at all using it for myself.

Firstly, the aroma of the shower gel is sensational! Right off the bat, from the moment you open the bottle, you are awashed with the sweet, fragrant tropical aroma of mangoes. Take in the first deep breath of the aroma, and you will be immediately hooked to it. I feel much fresher after a shower ever since I started using this product. And I like the fact that the mango aroma still lingers in your skin after you got out of the shower and dried yourself. It is gentle on the skin and none of the harsh chemicals that other brand named shower gels use, often with unpronounceable chemical names and substances that you find at the back of the bottle.

I recently bought another large 400ml bottle. But it doesn’t come cheap. That single bottle alone cost SGS 19.90. With that money I could buy at least 2 x 700ml Lifebuoys Antibacterial shower foam. But for now, I think I’m going to use the Body Shop Mango Shower gel for a little bit longer and see how it goes. Considering the price, I have made a mental note to remind myself to first; not waste a single drop of the shower gel and secondly; to allow the shower gel to linger on my body a little longer. I’ll make sure that I will lather up real good before washing it off. Not only will it keep my skin soft, it allows to me to slowly take in the fragrant aroma of mangoes in the shower room.

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