Viral video about the pandemic

Julie Nolke a YouTuber and comedian recently made a comedy sketch video that when viral sometime in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. In this video, her future self visited her past self just before the pandemic went global to explain to her what to expect and what to prepare in the coming months without... Continue Reading →

Best singer vs Worst singer

This is meant to be for my own amusement, but seriously, anyone with a good ear can tell which one is better (by a mile) Adele, 21 years old, with a voice of a goddess. She is so natural with a voice so powerful.       Rebecca Black, one of the worst singer I... Continue Reading →

Counting down to Uncharted 2

Coming Oct 13, one of, THE most anticipated Playstation 3 exclusive is about to hit store shelves everywhere around the world. Its none other than Uncharted 2: Among Theives.With stellar reviews all over the globe, from gaming blogs, to magazines, it just keeps getting better. I remembered playing Uncharted 1 and it was one of... Continue Reading →

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