Ikea Lerberg

Previously, my AudioPro C10 speaker was just sitting on a bamboo bench that was placed beside the TV in my room. It was wasted space. I knew I can do better than just simply placing a Bluetooth speaker. I need storage solutions to better utilise every square inch of my room.

With my burgeoning LP collection, bags that I carry to work and small gym equipments amongst other things, I desperately needed to create space where I can not only store them safely but allow for some expansion down the road.

That corner occupies a tiny area in my room, and the furniture that is going to be replaced to allow more storage had to be small enough so that it does not interfere with my wardrobe door. In other words, the width of the furniture must not exceed 35cm. Anything wider, and I wouldn’t be able to open my wardrobe door and stand in front of my wardrobe comfortably.

That is quite narrow, and with the width limitations, it also narrowed my shelf options from Ikea.

Fortunately, Ikea did have a shelf solution that is narrow enough to fit that space. Introducing the Lerberg!

It’s a very simple and cheap furniture (and a tiny bit flimsy, but you get what you paid for). It’s simply a powder coated steel shelf with four mesh bases placed at regular interval over a height of about 1.5m. It is barely taller than the height of my TV sitting on my wall-mounted Eket shelving when fully assembled.

Assembly was quick too. Just a few pieces of metal struts and four mesh base assembled together and you pretty much have the whole thing assembled.

I bought the white one as shown above and surprisingly it fit the decor nicely.

Now with additional shelf space, I can expand my LP collection, place my Bluetooth speaker at an optimal height and store my precious work bags at the bottom.

And of course, the master of the Lerberg Shelf, Grogu standing tall at the very top of the shelf.

I am really glad that Ikea has a shelf this narrow that can fit into that tiny space, that is both cheap, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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