So I tried The Division…

And I actually like the game! A couple of weeks ago, Ubisoft held a Lunar New Year sale on their online store, and on top of that sale, they were promoting The Division 2, slated to be released sometime in much. To promote their upcoming game, they were slashing the price of the original game... Continue Reading →

First games on my new PC

There has to be games installed after building my first PC rig. What better way to show off the rig in terms of raw computing performance than playing some graphically demanding games? As soon as I set my PC up, I got started installing and buying a few games that might not only interest me,... Continue Reading →

Broken Age impressions

  My short and quick impressions of Broken Age. An expanded post will be added later. Upside Artistic. Imaginative world. Great voice acting by some of the biggest voice actors and actresses. (Elijah Wood, Will Wheaton, Jack Black etc) Quirky storyline with engaging dialogue. Very childish at times to the point it almost sounded as... Continue Reading →

PS4 first impressions

I collected my PS4 that I preordered a month ago on the 20th of December. Having tried the console for a few days now, I must say, the PS4 is a huge improvement over the last gen console, not just in the graphics department, but also in the overall aesthetic design of the console, the... Continue Reading →

Pandemic, the board game

Saboteur is a great card game that can accommodate up to 10 players. Its a great and fun party game where two teams compete against each other, preventing each other from reaching their goals. Such board games and card games that can accommodate such a large group of people is hard to come by. There... Continue Reading →

Lan at Iluma

First time Lan-ing at Iluma. Overall I like the place. Big place, a little pricey though. Probably they needed the extra cost to cover the retail space in prime retail land. I like the ambience, pretty quiet, because you had to use the headphones to listen to what you are playing and use microphones to... Continue Reading →

Assassin's Creed II Impressions.

I played the first installment of the game and while it boasts some really original concepts when it was released, it was very flat in terms of gameplay in my opinion. Now with the release of Assassin's Creed II, it is as if the developers took their beloved gem and spent 2 years to bring... Continue Reading →

Dragon Age Origins Collectors Edition

The Collectors Edition of Dragon Age Origins is finally available in Singapore! What do they have inside? The CE of Dragon Age comes with a sturdy wooden box with a very nice engraving of a twin bird at the back and a brown and gold branding of a sword in the front. Of course everything... Continue Reading →

Counting down to Uncharted 2

Coming Oct 13, one of, THE most anticipated Playstation 3 exclusive is about to hit store shelves everywhere around the world. Its none other than Uncharted 2: Among Theives.With stellar reviews all over the globe, from gaming blogs, to magazines, it just keeps getting better. I remembered playing Uncharted 1 and it was one of... Continue Reading →

"Lemme patch you up."

Anyone who plays Left for Dead, would know that first-aids are essential right? It really gives you a sense of security when you have one lugging behind your back. Well how about wearing it in real life? Yeap, this would make you safe all day, everyday! Well folks, the guys from have come up... Continue Reading →

Infamous (PS3 Exclusive) completed.

This is what happens when you have so much free time right now, especially when i have 5 days leave, for the entire week. I have nothing much to do other than play the latest PS3 exclusive game, Infamous. Its an ill timed leave but at the same time, a good timing to try out... Continue Reading →

Far Cry 2 and Littlebigplanet

So for the month of october, it was supposed to be a cash draining month for me. All the good games like Far Cry 2, Littlebigplanet, Eternal Sonata, Bioshock, and Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour, were all supposed to be released in october. And well you know, with all big releases, there... Continue Reading →

Bad Company

Getting ill, down with the flu is not fun at all, especially if its during the weekend, the two days that im suppose to enjoy to the fullest. Had muscle aches, fever and a very sore throat since Friday last week. I hope i can get well asap. Anyway, since i had to stay at... Continue Reading →

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