Aer Fit Pack


A couple of weeks ago, a put on a group order through Grouphunt for the Aer Fit Pack. I came across this backpack on YouTube and was highly intrigued by its designed. The Aer Fit Pack is designed by Aer Designs LLC, San Francisco. The bag is fairly unique; it features a compartment where you can put your shoes and gym clothes, in addition to your daily work or school stuff, like your laptop, notebook and other peripherals, all in one neat little bag. It’s basically a 2-in-1 bag. A gym back and backpack put together. And its beautifully designed. Nothing loud or fancy, but extremely practical. You would have thought that putting your gym clothes, shoes and your daily essentials would make your bag look huge, or bloated, and you’d think that its better to carry a day pack or duffel to be able to pack everything in, but this Aer Fit Pack looks just like any other backpack. It’s minimalist, yet highly practical design, was what attracted me and swayed me in getting one.

I am starting school in a month’s time, and now is the best time to shop for a good backpack. I have finally found one, and with a shoe compartment to boot. With that compartment, I could bring my shoes along and go for a run after my night classes before heading home. That way, I won’t miss my running routine despite those nightclasses. Absolutely perfect. Maybe I will give a more comprehensive review on the bag, once I have tried them on for a couple of months.

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