CoconutBattery is a must have app for any mobile Mac users out there. It provides a comprehensive look at the overall health of your mac laptops, be it MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. In addition to telling the amount of juice you have left, it also tells you the temperature, number of charge... Continue Reading →

Sold my Lenovo, Bought Macbook Pro

After using my Lenovo ThinkPad 13 for 7 months, I decided to sell it away. I came back to the Mac. When it was announced at this year's WWDC that Apple is going to refresh the entire Macbook Pro line with the new Kaby Lake processors, I just could not resist it. I put my... Continue Reading →

Adieu Macbook Pro.

For years I have always wanted a Macbook Pro. What started out as an experiment, plungin myself into the whole Mac OS ecosystem many years ago starting with the Mac Mini, slowly evolved into something more powerful, more mobile to the Macbook Air. As my needs changes over the years, so does the products that... Continue Reading →

Watching Tech Review Videos taught me a lot of things

I have been watching a lot of tech review videos on YouTube. Channels such as LinusTechTips, Jonathan Morrison, Hardware Unboxed, Hardware Canucks are just some of many channels out there on YouTube that delivered excellent videos on the latest tech reviews, PC builds, gadget unboxing and more. Most of them are short, entertaining and informative.... Continue Reading →

The iMac with Retina Display

A couple of days ago, I walked into an Apple store and got a chance to physically look at the iMac with Retina Display. All those first impressions that you read online on how gorgeous the screen looks were 100% accurate. It's that gorgeous and the screen totally sucks you in. You can't tear your... Continue Reading →

Happy two year anniversary MacBook air!

According to CoconutBattery, a small little program that tells you the overall battery health of your notebook, it states that my MacBook Air is officially two years old last week! Two year old! And it didn't really feel like two years have passed! I replaced the battery once and the current one is still going... Continue Reading →

My next computer purchase.

For my next computer purchase, it would most likely be an apple notebook. But exactly which model, I haven’t really decided yet. But one main deciding factor would be its battery life. This macbook air is a workhorse when it comes to battery life. On many occasions when I needed to use it outside for... Continue Reading →

OS X 10.9 Mavericks for free?!

As I watched the Apple keynote live last night, there was only one thing that I was interested in. It was the new operating system for the Mac hardware, OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Introduced during the summer with a Fall release schedule, the keynote highlighted some of the neat features that comes with Mavericks. Towards... Continue Reading →

Pocket app

I've had Pocket app in my iPhone for a long time, but it is only recently that I get to use it on a regular basis. I never knew that it would be extremely useful for me in the long run. The Pocket app basically saves all the news articles or any related articles of... Continue Reading →

My take on the iPhone 5S, TouchID and iOS 7

On the 18th of September, Singtel opened the floodgates, by allowing Sngtel mobile subscribers who registered their interest on the new iPhone 5S to reserve their phone for collection. The website for reservation was up at precisely 4pm. At 4.04, the gold iPhone 5S was sold out. 4 minutes. That was all it took to... Continue Reading →

WWDC, MacBook Pro and Air refresh

WWDC 2013 is just around the corner and rumours have been flying front, left, right and centre on what exactly is in store in the upcoming keynote speech. However, one things for sure is that they will begin to unveil iOS 7 which is touted to be the version of iOS that would make sweeping... Continue Reading →

A new tumblr

I've always had a tumblr account. I opened an account several years ago just for fun. There was a short period of time where I actually used it to get a hang of it and to see if there is any way at all I could integrate microblogging into my day to day life. That... Continue Reading →

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The need for a Retina Display.

Apple have recently released a number of new products mainly the new line of Macbook Pros that are now Retina display. But does the premium price justify the need for a Retina display? I enjoyed the gorgeous screens from my iphone 4S. Its retina display and high pixel density truly creates a wonderful visual experience... Continue Reading →

Apple’s latest OS: Lion

Developers had a sneak peak at the new OS that is about to be released by Apple this summer, and they are naming after the king of all cats, Lion.A slew of information is already out both officially and developers who have been tinkering with the OS in and out. After reading through some of... Continue Reading →

New Mac mini!

Im a fan of mac products. They are expensive no doubt, but the strength in their product lies in their design, use of materials, some of which are free from toxic chemicals and environmentally harmful manufacturing processes and last but not least, reliability. I have the mac mini, and I have used it for 10 months.... Continue Reading →

Random Photos (of my room)

I took a couple of photos of my room. Pretty proud of it, considering I came up with the layout and design of it. But the best part of my room is definitely the computer desktop. I wont show you much of my room. With SGD 1000 budget to remake my room, I must say... Continue Reading →

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