The need for a Retina Display.

Apple have recently released a number of new products mainly the new line of Macbook Pros that are now Retina display. But does the premium price justify the need for a Retina display?

I enjoyed the gorgeous screens from my iphone 4S. Its retina display and high pixel density truly creates a wonderful visual experience when one uses the phone. Coupled with a vivid and extremely accurate colour reproduction, it is by far the prettiest looking display you can ever put in your pocket. Then the ipad came long with the Retina display as well and it looked gorgeous. It made using those devices a joy, because with a supersharp display, it is easier to get fully absorbed ¬†and immersed in the things that you do using the iphone or the ipad. This is understandable, as Apple wants to create a truly unique experience when using those devices. And since the display is the main feature on those products, Apple doesn’t cut corners in that department.

But how about Retina display for portable computers, like their Macbook Pro lines? While I truly understand the need for Retina display especially for photographers and videographers who needs every pixel they can get to represent the photos or videos that they edit, together with an accurate colour display, I doubt it would truly benefit normal consumers. When I said normal consumers, I mean those that uses their laptops as nothing more than surfing, emailing, light document work, with occasional itunes and youtube videos. For the extra price that you need to pay to get that visual upgrade, to a normal user, I don’t think it would bring any lasting benefit at all. Sure the display looks great, texts are sharp and crisp and everything looks clearer. But I think that if you pamper your eyes too much on such large gorgeous displays, you are going to suffer the experience of seeing things that are ugly and blurry when you transition back to a normal non-retina display.

I have heard of people who are accustomed to how sharp and clear their Retina display is, that it becomes extremely jarring for them to look at a normal screen. It becomes an annoyance for them to having them look at a normal display. They will say that everything else looks blurry and pixelated, after getting used to the new Retina display. And I don’t think it would give any lasting benefits of having a clearer screen. Current monitor screens are ok and good enough quality that you can do your work with it. And I say, that is enough for one that uses their laptops mainly for only surfing, mail and document works.

So unless you can fully justify how the extra pixels are going to benefit you, beyond looking great sharp and clear, I suggest you think carefully before deciding before taking the plunge in getting a Retina display and paying hundreds of dollars extra along the way. Clearly, once you make that plunge, it would be difficult to go back to normal, since Retina display hasn’t yet reached mainstream, with respect to laptop display.

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