My next computer purchase.


For my next computer purchase, it would most likely be an apple notebook. But exactly which model, I haven’t really decided yet. But one main deciding factor would be its battery life. This macbook air is a workhorse when it comes to battery life. On many occasions when I needed to use it outside for hours on end, this notebook never failed on me. It keeps on working long enough to last through the day when I need it too without recharging or ever needing to bring the charger along. It’s elegant, light and mobile, so much so, that I can bring it on a daily basis without burdening my back while carrying it. And all along, it quietly keeps on humming from the moment i switched it on from 9am, all the way till 6 in the evening. The level of convenience is unparalleled when it comes to battery life. I feel it is an underrated deciding factor when choosing a notebook to suit your mobile lifestyle.


So with that being said, my next notebook upgrade or replacement in the future would definitely be a an apple notebook with insane battery life. Rumors have been circulating of a new form factor, a 12 inch fanless notebook that could act as a hybrid between the macbook air and the macbook pro. It could come with the raw power of the macbook pro, all packaged under a thing profile similar to that of the macbook air. Slightly bigger and beefier, but not too big like it’s macbook pro cousins.


I have been using this macbook air for close to 2 years now and it is still running strong. Although I changed the battery on this notebook once, The new battery lasted much longer than the original stock battery that came with it. When I initially bought this notebook, the battery capacity drop rather quickly and within 9 months, it could only hold 75% of its original capacity. Soon after, the battery service indicator went on and I had to pay close to $300 to get it replaced. But i was well spent in fact. The new battery still works like new after several months, 95% of the total capacity is still functioning well. I don’t know what is new about this battery or if indeed there was something wrong with the old one, but one thing I’m grateful is how well this second battery is still performing after so several months.


And don’t get me started on the latest OS, Mavericks. Mavericks’s under the hood improvement with regards to the overall increase in OS efficiency has had tangible effect on battery life. I have personally experience at least a 1 hour improvement in battery life just by improving the software side of things! That has to be considered a notable milestone in constantly improving how the OS operates in background and uses energy efficiently.

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