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I’ve had Pocket app in my iPhone for a long time, but it is only recently that I get to use it on a regular basis. I never knew that it would be extremely useful for me in the long run. The Pocket app basically saves all the news articles or any related articles of interest you come across the net and saves them in the app so that you can read it later when you are free. Long form articles takes a long time to read, and sometimes you just don’t have the time and you prefer to skim all the other articles you have yet to come across for the day. With Pocket app, you can simply save them and read it later. It also saves the time and effort of copying the link and emailing it to yourself to be read later. All the saved articles are saved in one location and the text and other associated media, pictures, screenshots and even videos embedded in the text are saved and presented beautifully by the app.

For me, this new tool, allowed me to allocated my time better. I can now read all my saved articles that I initially didn’t have time to read while I commute, or waiting for someone or something. And no more lost articles or forgotten links. Everything is saved in the pocket app, waiting to be read. So now, every time I come across an interesting article, I will save it and read it when I have the time to myself. Anyone who have yet to use this app, ought to try it. You will quickly realise how more productive you can become during your day.

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