WWDC, MacBook Pro and Air refresh

WWDC 2013 is just around the corner and rumours have been flying front, left, right and centre on what exactly is in store in the upcoming keynote speech. However, one things for sure is that they will begin to unveil iOS 7 which is touted to be the version of iOS that would make sweeping changes to the entire iOS experience. That is one area to look out for, specifically to see what directions is Apple gonna take from now on for the iOS and future iPhone user experience.

A sneak preview of the upcoming OSX with the unveiling of the next big cat named after the upcoming OS version (10.9) is another thing to look out for. Personally, I’m very curious as to the name of OSX 10.9. The recent additions include Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion. Leopard was the OS that I started off with when I began using Mac as the platform of choice in personal computing. At that time the OS was by leaps and bounds better than Windows and I have never looked back since.

Interestingly, analysts have begun to predict what upcoming changes are in store for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lineups, especially with the recent release of Haswell chips by Intel. Intel has strongly touted Haswell as the chip that would vastly improve power efficiency, leading to all-day usage of notebooks and tablets. The MacBook Air that I am using, already has a 7-hour battery usage on a single full charge. While no rumours have surfaced regarding any physical changes to the MacBook Air lineup, what is interesting for me is whether the improved power efficiency in those chips could translate to perhaps, 9 hours or even double digit battery lifespans for the notebook. For me, that would be great, as already the MacBook Air is among the most portable notebook around. Having a truly all-day usage due to the improved power efficiency of the new chips would make the MacBook Air an attractive ultrabook to own, with its mobility and long lasting battery without sacrificing great performance.

As for any hopes of getting a Retina Display for the MacBook Air? Personally, I feel that would not happen. In Apple’s part, I feel that Retina Display for a notebook is solely reserved for those who wants have the best in terms of performance. That  notebook in question is already in the MacBook Pro lineup. Those who want unprecedented performance would be better off choosing the MacBook Pro rather than the Air. Having a Retina Display, would just confuse buyers and make their purchase decisions much more difficult.

With that being said, one can still be hopeful of having a better display than the current MacBook Air lineup. One can hope of having an IGZO display for the MacBook Air, with a slight increase in resolution, up from the current 1440 by 900 offered for their 13 inch offering. It could be possible, if Apple wants to keep up with the competitors who have already begun to offer 13 inch notebooks with screens at 1080p. IGZO is also known to be more power efficient, so bumping up the resolution but not reaching Retina standards could be possible so that the MacBook Air can still be relevant in the ultrabook category. The increase resolution would definitely increase power usage, but with IGZO technology, combined with Haswell, would greatly offset any increase in power demands and still keep battery life within a respectable range. Personally, I would like this to happen, so that the upcoming MacBook Air will have a superb looking display, without increasing the cost of the notebook.

The WWDC is in a couple of weeks and I would be following closely at what is in store for the future of Apple.

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