Random Photos (of my room)


I took a couple of photos of my room. Pretty proud of it, considering I came up with the layout and design of it. But the best part of my room is definitely the computer desktop. I wont show you much of my room. With SGD 1000 budget to remake my room, I must say its the best I can come up with. This includes, the LCD TV (the money most spent on) 2 shelves by side of the desktop and the paintwork of my room.My room’s walls are primarily, mocha, brownish in colour, with two tones. Mocha and Cuppucino. Fitting name huh? The lighter one is sort of like beige while one side of the wall where the TV and the desktop are, is Mocha in colour.

I came up with the brownish theme because most of the furniture is brown in colour. The solid teak tabletop and the bookshelves are all brown. So to have a certain uniformity, it naturally has to be ‘woody’ in colour. IMG_1741

With the new mac mini, everything is neat now. I hide my cables as much as i can behind the thick solid teakwood table behind it and with just the Mac mini, the mouse, keyboard and my monitor. Its sleek enough and a joy to work on. With still ample space on my left side, i can put documents and stuff there while working on the computer.

Thinking of upgrading my LCD monitor to a 22 or 24 inch. But that would be much much later. Im still broke, and  I’m aiming for an IPS, LED lit monitor. That is gonna cost a bomb, so I will just wait it out till the price gets more affordable. Meanwhile the LG monitor I’m using now is still going strong.


Zooming out you can see my Panasonic 720P, 26 inch LCD TV. I got it at SGD549 if im not mistaken. Though it’s not Full HD, I don’t think I need such a nice looking LCD TV to begin with and secondly, its only 26 inch. You will not notice the difference in picture quality. The TV is not meant to be viewed while using the computer, because it’s mounted way up on the wall. Unless you want a sprained neck, I usually watch it on my sofa at the back of the room. The level is just nice considering the distance from the TV when sitting on the sofa.

I did not buy the sofa. It wasn’t in the budget. Rather, its a hand-me-down that was originally from the living room. My parents a brand new sofa a few years back and the old one wasn’t thrown away yet, just lying around in another room without a use for it. So I salvaged it and my room looks pretty cosy now. I don’t have any shots of the sofa, but it is there. The sofa now has a new lease of life: Making me lazy!

The 2 brown shelvings (from IKEA) were bought during the makeover.. It is now being used to store and fill up my lecture notes from school. Neatly filed into ringed files of green, blue and orange (from Popular). You notice that the files on the right side are empty and unlabelled. Those have been reserved for this upcoming semester’s modules. Can’t be too careful getting prepared. It’s crazy when observing the rate at which you have to print the lecture notes. Week after week after week. It just keeps coming. I had to purchase almost ONE toner for the laser printer (under the table) a semester. A toner can print as much as 1500 pages before running out. That is how much lecture notes I had to print for the entire semester. The lamps are also from IKEA at SGD 9.90 each. I only switch on when I’m watching stuff on the TV. The effects are pretty cool, giving you a theatrical feel to it. The ambience is great when watching movies and stuff.


It looks bright from the picture, but actually its not really that bright. I wish I could find a slightly dimmer bulb. Apparently IKEA only sells 7watt bulbs and those are the lowest wattage available.


Part of my bookshelves. I take pride in it. Not only does it showcases mangas, but comic books, novels both fiction and non fiction, music albums and my Playstation 3 games. Though I’m an avid reader, I try my best to regularly read. Sometimes your schedules are crazy and you just put the habit of reading in the backburner. As you notice, even the bookshelves are dark brown. It’s an enclose cabinet with a glass door to protect the contents from dirt and dust. Currently reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and just finished Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. I finished… no I devoured Dan Brown’s book in 2 days. It was that good.

I have a problem though. With all the books that I will be reading, I am seriously running out of shelf space. I cannot afford to get a new bookshelf, much less a space in putting them in my room. Being researching and reading about E-readers though. It would be great if I have one, how I wish I have one right now (BIG HINT BIG HINT *WINK WINK*). That way I can bring tons of books where ever I go and purchase the digital versions of the book at a lower price than the physical book itself.

Gonna start on Malcom Gladwell’s Blink and also Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.


Death Note is a great series. Worth collecting them and the entire series is short to begin with. I’m watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and I’m glad they decided to be faithful to the manga. It’s a very good series, and fortunately, Chuang Yi publishes them in English and I can collect them at a fraction of the cost. At 8.50 a manga, it may sound expensive, considering that there are more than 23 volumes out on the market now. But fret not. I just applied the Kinokuniya Privilege Card, which gives members a 20% percent discount during special promotion, or 10% discount all year long. So at a rate of 20% I save SGD1.70 a volume to SGD6.80. That is a lot of savings and a pretty good deal too.

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