Happy two year anniversary MacBook air!

According to CoconutBattery, a small little program that tells you the overall battery health of your notebook, it states that my MacBook Air is officially two years old last week! Two year old! And it didn’t really feel like two years have passed! I replaced the battery once and the current one is still going strong. But still, this MacBook Air is super resilient! It has never given me any major problems at all. Boot up is super fast despite its age (although it’s a tad slower now that I have installed Yosemite, which is pretty natural for new operating systems on older machines.) and running day to day applications are still a breeze. Performance under Yosemite is holding out strong and I barely notice and major slowdowns at all.

This is my second major computer from Apple, the first being the Mac Mini, which lasted me almost 4 years and was crucial as a desktop during my college years. All those reports, presentations and research done during studies, all thanks to the Mac Mini, silently working hard, not giving any problems like hardware failures, or software glitches within the Mac operating system.

I have started my so called preliminary research into the next desktop system to get, given my needs now and in the near future. I have my eyes set on the next generation iMac with at least a 4TB desktop drive to complement the system. With the added storage space, I am now liberated from any storage space constraints. I can now download and keep movies and TV series that I have download. It should look pretty neat and beautiful on my desktop. I might still keep my current Dell monitor. I can use it as a secondary screen, positioning it vertically, which can be useful in browsing long articles from the New York Times, reading Twitter or Facebook Feed. I can use that secondary screen for research purposes, reading articles and keeping a permanent browser there, while the main screen can be used for other tasks.

But it’s still early, and I don’t want to give up using my MacBook Air as my main computer just yet. It has a lot of zest to go and there is always that joyful convenience of bringing a computer anywhere with you, without the burden, doing your work virtually anywhere you wish to. Besides, the current iMac is old and I am waiting for a refresh. Hopefully, there will be a major update to the graphics card and hopefully to the display without increasing the overall price of the iMac. I am definitely aiming for the 27inch version if I decide to get a desktop instead of a notebook in the future.

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