The iMac with Retina Display

A couple of days ago, I walked into an Apple store and got a chance to physically look at the iMac with Retina Display. All those first impressions that you read online on how gorgeous the screen looks were 100% accurate. It’s that gorgeous and the screen totally sucks you in. You can’t tear your eyes off it. It just simply looks amazing. The default wallpaper you see of the Yosemite mountain cliff just screams with minute details you don’t usually see on an ordinary monitor. Every edge, every plant, every shade of the rock cliffs on that wallpaper shown in epic, vivid detail. I have never seen an image on screen with that level of clarity and color before.

I just simply fell in love with the new iMac. And, it’s pricey too. With the retina display, it makes it easier to decide which Mac computer I should be getting to replace my aging Macbook Air. Not that there is anything wrong with it at the moment. It’s still blazing fast, (thanks to the SSD) and everything is still in tip top condition. I really like my Macbook Air a lot due to it’s portability. That’s why I have been hesitant in making my mind on settling with an iMac. The new model with retina display is even pricier, coming at SGD 3,300. I would need to use at least 6 years for the same annual cost it took to spread out the price of my Macbook Air over the number of years used. 6 years! Will it last that long? Technology moves so fast, 6 years makes things like computers obsolete real quick. I have no doubt that the screen would last that long. But I’m not sure of the other components.

I may wait out on the iMac purchase. Perhaps getting a second generation due next year. As powerful as it may sound with its new ATI Radeon graphics card, it still somehow struggles with pushing that many pixels on to the screen at any given moment, according to report. While it performs really fast, certain graphical elements seems to be performing less than desired, which no doubt it due to the immense pixel density on the screen that the graphics chip have to push through.

The new iMac and future releases of it definitely be a must-buy for me. It’s just a matter of when. I’m still keeping my options open while homing onto the iMac. Who knows, the new upcoming Macbook Pros might just give a run for their money with its updated Broadwell chipsets in increasing power efficiency further that Intel has yet to release.


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