The new iPad Pro with Liquid Retina XDR display.

To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

I enjoy using my current 2020 iPad Pro. I paired with the Smart Keyboard Folio, so that it not only protects the iPad Pro but also gives me a dedicated keyboard for me to write stuff. In fact, all my blog posts are written on my iPad rather than my desktop PC. A majority of people who used the Smart Keyboard Folio don’t quite like the mushy feel of the keys that comes with it. But for me, I love it. My typing is surprising accurate and fast. I guess the size of the keyboard in the folio is just nice for my hands.

Anyway, I digress. With the recent announcement of a new lineup of iPad Pro just around the corner in 2021, and a slew of cutting-edge technologies that is baked into the device, Is it worth upgrading?

The one feature I am most interested in seeing it for myself is definitely the LCD display with mini-LED as a backlight. Touted as Liquid Retina XDR, contrast ratios of the new iPad is off the charts, and the peak brightness of the screen can go up to 1600. For a mobile device, that is insane.

But how much of a difference will it really matter?

I don’t really care about the processor speed. Yes, they are using the super fast M1 chip that is currently inside the Macbook Airs and Mac Minis to rave reviews on its efficiency and speed, but the latest iPad Pro still advertises as 10 hours of battery life. So in the end, if you are not utilising the full potential of the M1 chip, then the difference you feel is negligible for day to day task between the 2020 and 2021 models. The 2020 models feels fast already.

Form factor is unchanged, which is a good thing as I really like the current design of the iPad Pro and you can use current folios and smart keyboards that you have for the new iPad Pros, without buying a whole new one. Backwards compatibility for the win.

Honestly I am on the fence here. My iPad Pro is still relatively new (and speedy for my needs), but the new screen display technology really got me intrigued.

I guess for now, I may not get it on launch day, but instead play closer attention to the reviews when it comes out, usually a day or two before the actual launch date (or pre-order date, I can’t remember which one)

Meanwhile, I am going to sit back, relax and wait for more information. After all, pre-orders only open on the 30th April, so I still have plenty of time to decide.

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