Watching Tech Review Videos taught me a lot of things

I have been watching a lot of tech review videos on YouTube. Channels such as LinusTechTips, Jonathan Morrison, Hardware Unboxed, Hardware Canucks are just some of many channels out there on YouTube that delivered excellent videos on the latest tech reviews, PC builds, gadget unboxing and more. Most of them are short, entertaining and informative.

The reason I started watching all these videos was this renewed interest in DIYing a PC. I DIYed my PC many years ago, before I jumped shipped to the Mac. Apple, and their gadgets, for obvious reasons doesn’t allow customisations, much less DIYing. For me, it didn’t really matter much because so long as they create great gadgets, and computers, it was a reasonable trade for stability and hardware reliability.

Recently however, after having watched all those PC build videos, and the latest graphics card and what not, I’m starting to find DIYing a PC exciting once more. But before I can do that, or before I want to embark on that road once again, I need to do a little research. Ok, maybe not a little. A lot of research. For someone who left the DIY scene, catching up on the latest hardware, motherboards, chipsets, DDR ram memory types, SSD storage types etc etc., it was overwhelming at first. Technology has jumped by leaps and bounds and the future of DIYing still remains remarkably bright. It’s been almost 7 to 8 years since I had my last DIYed PC and looking back, a lot has changed. And changed for the better. Greater customisations, yet greater standardisation of different hardware, makes DIYing easier, yet at the same time, innovative. In other words, the whole industry is somehow flourishing.

So as to whether I want a DIY PC in the near future remains to be seen. Recently, Apple distributed invites to the press on their upcoming WWDC conference on June 13th to 17th. Rumours started surfacing about a week ago on the possible design changes to the Macbook Pro line of notebooks. The venerable and prophetic analyst, Ming Chi Kuo, predicted a number of potentially impressive design changes that are about to be made on the Macbook Pro. And I have been waiting for ages to get a new one and replace my current MacBook Air. What remains to be seen however, is how well Apple can persuade me to remain in Apple’s camp. It would all boil down to the specs of the upcoming Macbook Pro, price, release dates, everything before I make my decision. Release date is every important.

To end my entry, a great shoutout to all those tech videos on YouTube out there. They are my teachers, my sources of reliable information, and my tutors for the crash course I took recently on PC DIYing. All those hours watching, was worth it.

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