Worst tech buy ever

I consider myself a tech geek. And by tech geek, I mean carefully choosing the kinds of devices or gadgets that would suit my needs. Choosing a piece of technology, be it smartphones, notebooks, hard drives or even a simple computer mouse must be reasonable priced, reliable, trustworthy and that it suit my needs perfectly.... Continue Reading →

The iPhone 6

Apple is going to announce the new iPhone among other things in a few hours. Personally, I'm extremely excited and will definitely watch the live stream of the conference tonight. I will definitely keep an eye out on my local telco company, keeping track on when the preorder page comes up and the pricing structure... Continue Reading →

Professional family photoshoot

So my family decided to book an appointment with Serangoon Broadway photostudio for a professional photoshoot, now that I have graduated. It is the same place that I collected my graduation gown for the graduation ceremony. So we went there, wearing formal and all, and the service was fast, good and efficient. We prepped ourselves,... Continue Reading →

Sprinting on the train platform

I take the train to work every morning. Jurong East MRT station is one of the more crowded stations during peak rush hour. But why do people always sprint from one platform to another as if their life depended on it? These are some of the behaviours that I find most annoying. I mean, the... Continue Reading →


The episodic point-and-click adventure game, The Walking Dead, is one of the finest story driven video game I have ever played. Throughout the entire season that comprises of 5 episodes, I want to highlight a particular character in the game that I personally feel strongly about.  In The Walking Dead game, Ben is a high... Continue Reading →

The New Kindle Paperwhite

E-readers have come a long way. Since then many companies have created, built and improved on e-reader technologies. On the forefront are e-readers with e-ink technology.  E-ink technology is suppose to mimic the look and possibly feel of a trade paperback book. It uses very little power and a typical device could be used for... Continue Reading →

I should have done this a long time ago.

  That is, having my notebook as an ultraportable and at the same time, as a desktop replacement.   First week into using my Macbook Air as a portable device, in school, and as a desktop replacement, at home, I must say; I have no trouble adapting to it. In fact, nothing much changed really.... Continue Reading →

New Macbook Air

  So finally, I have bought a brand new Macbook Air. For once, I have a proper notebook in which i can do my work anywhere. And I am very happy with my purchase so far. My mac mini has served me well, but i think its time to move on. My dad is using... Continue Reading →

Visa application: Approved

Today marks another milestone in my Visa application: It has been approved! It took about a month to sort out the correct documents needed, and another week or so for the approval process before finally getting the all important call to head down the office to have your passport stamped with the Tunisian Visa. I... Continue Reading →

Coffeehouses: Where ideas are born

Coffeehouses like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Tully's and many more are what most urbanites would define as the 'Third Place'. I learned that term while I was taking a module called 'Living in Contemporary Cities'. It describes such places where people socialize and have a sense of place within a community, providing a third venue outside... Continue Reading →

I remember my teacher

I came across a video advertisement from the Ministry of Education. It was done more than a year ago, but I only got to see it in its entirety only today. This long form advertisement is about teaching as a career, and after watching the ad, it resonated deep within me. This is possibly by... Continue Reading →

Nook vs Kindle

   VS  I own the iPad and I love reading books on the iPad. E-books are a big thing for me especially when the iPad is around. It is the most dominant form of usage when I'm using the iPad. I mainly use the Amazon Kindle to buy and read my books. Currently I have... Continue Reading →

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