The New Kindle Paperwhite

E-readers have come a long way. Since then many companies have created, built and improved on e-reader technologies. On the forefront are e-readers with e-ink technology. 

E-ink technology is suppose to mimic the look and possibly feel of a trade paperback book. It uses very little power and a typical device could be used for weeks at a time before recharging. E-readers with e-ink technology are able to read under broad daylight and some e-books are accompanied by lights to read it at night. However, Amazon’s recent release of the new Kindle Paperwhite e-reader could finally be the perfect e-reader to be sold to consumers. Many new features and technological advancements could explain why I said that this new e-reader is the perfect e-reader to be ever released so far. The higher pixel density and new built-in light within Kindle Paperwhite now makes the words on the screen so much sharper that it looks more like a printed page of a real book. The built-in light now makes the screen white, which now looks like a good hardcover book that uses good quality paper. And combine it with a long battery life, featherweight design, this could be the only e-reader you will ever need to own to replicate that ‘book’ feel in your hands.

I have always wanted to own an e-reader. I love reading and I have a growing list of books in my Kindle Amazon account. I am currently reading books purchased from Amazon using my iPhone Kindle app or the Kindle software for PC. And that kind of arrangements have worked fine for me, so essentially, having an e-reader is more of a ‘want’ rather than a ‘need’. But if I had some extra spare cash laying around, I think it would be perfect time to get that new Kindle Paperwhite. But then here lies the problem.

I not only have books purchased from Amazon, but a few books purchased from Barnes & Noble online bookstore. I have an app for that too just to read their books purchased from them. If I were to get a dedicated e-reader such as the Amazon Paperwhite, then I would only essentially be able to buy books from Amazon. My choice in buying e-books from multiple vendors would severely be restricted and I don’t quite like that idea. While it can be convenient to own one e-reader and stick to that vendor in purchasing my books, sometimes other vendors may offer greater discounts. So the flexibility is no longer there. So this e-reader conundrum is one reason why I hesitate getting a dedicated e-reader. After all I could always resort to a tablet like the iPad (or the upcoming iPad mini for lighter and easier handling of tablets suitable for reading) and just simply download their respective apps so that I can read books from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. But just look at the new Amazon Paperwhite, doesn’t it look like a gorgeous piece of device just solely for reading all your favourite books?

For now, e-readers will remain as my wishlish for the things to have.

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