The Octavius Maximus build: One month on

It’s been a month since I last built my new PC RIG with a new AMD CPU, the AMD Ryzen 2700x. Along the way, I also had to get a new motherboard for the CPU, an ATX sized motherboard, which led to me having to change the CPU case to fit the new motherboard. I got the Fractal Design Meshify C case with dark tint tempered glass and the whole set up looks sweet. Impulsively, I bought another pair of G.Skill Trident Z RGB ram sticks to fill up all 4 ram slots and the whole set up is now complete.

One month on and this thing flies. Like seriously. I never thought that I could actually feel the difference in speed and responsiveness of just using the PC for day-to-day tasks compared to my previous build (Intel i5-6600) but I could actually feel the difference. This rig works like a beast. It’s like comparing a Mercedes to a monster struck. The difference is almost night and day. For the first time, I could play Assassin’s Creed Origins at 1440p 60FPS ultra settings where ever I am in the game world. Previously, I had trouble hitting 60fps in densely populated areas of the game, like city centres. The game is a CPU resource hog. Now, with the new Ryzen CPU 8 core, 16 threads, it simply crunches everything the game has to offer. I am not seeing on average just 50% CPU utilization on all cores while playing the game, as compared to 100% on just 4 cores available from my previous rig. The CPU was definitely the bottleneck in this game and I was right after upgrading the CPU.

Right now, I am extremely happy with my new build. I am now just waiting for the launch of the new Nvidia GPUs in a couple of months’ time. I am excited as to the performance increase the new GPU can push through compared to current generation GPU.

On other news, my MacBook Pro is officially one year old! How do I know? I realised I was paying the last monthly instalments for the notebook a couple of days ago. Now, this notebook is fully paid and one year on, its still performance just as great as I bought a year ago. Even the battery life is still pretty amazing. No flaws at all. Though I have to admit, I haven’t been using the notebook as intensively as I expected. I am only using it to do my school assignments and even then, they don’t come often and sometimes when I am at home, I ended up using my main PC to write my assignments. But I guess the good thing is that it looks and feels new and I can be assured that I will be using this device for a long time. After completing my studies this year, I don’t expect to use the MacBook Pro as often anymore. But that could change if the nature of my work changes.

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