The iPhone 6

Apple is going to announce the new iPhone among other things in a few hours. Personally, I’m extremely excited and will definitely watch the live stream of the conference tonight.

I will definitely keep an eye out on my local telco company, keeping track on when the preorder page comes up and the pricing structure under a 2-year contract. I’m definitely getting the new phone, most probably the 4.7 inch version, black, since the 5.5 inch is too big for my taste. I really love operating a smartphone with just one hand, and 4.7 inch version really pushes it over to the edge of what my hand and fingers can practically reach. While a big screen is better, I find using both hands to operate my phone in a crowded train during rushhour just a tad dangerous. You will always need that spare arm and hand to hold onto the handrail or handgrips just in case the train stops abruptly.

And with the bigger screen, it might just encourage me to do more on my phone, like writing my wordpress journal here while on the go, and reply to emails with longer passages, without feeling tiresome.

I might even use the phone to take more photos, if there are major improvements to the camera system. I rarely use my phone to take photos, much less selfies, but that might change once I’ve upgraded to the new phone with a bigger storage space.

With so many rumours swirling around the web on what it’s gonna look like to the new features that remain to be seen in the new iPhone, it’s getting to the point of ridicule. While no doubt some rumours might ultimately be accurate, I’ll just have to wait for the real thing to be announced. Whatever new features they are going to introduce, it’s pretty much guaranteed that I’m still getting it no matter what.

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