New Macbook Air


So finally, I have bought a brand new Macbook Air. For once, I have a proper notebook in which i can do my work anywhere. And I am very happy with my purchase so far.

My mac mini has served me well, but i think its time to move on. My dad is using the Mac mini, so it has not gone to waste yet. It is still functioning really well, albeit slow at times. I also bought a 23 inch IPS monitor from Dell. It costed lower than the stated online price, since I bought it during the Comex at Suntec City. Brand new hardware, brand new way to doing work. The increase mobility would help me greatly now that I have the Air.

For those of you who are wondering, I got the 13 inch, base spec Air. I initially wanted to order online and paid a little extra for the 8gb. But I decided against it and went to a store to get it along with the freebies. The 8gb would have been nice, but I don’t think I need that much ram, considering the type of work that I would be doing on the Air. Sure, it might future proof my air for larger programs that I could potentially be running, but I guess that is quite unlikely.

The purchase of the Air came with several freebies. Notably the palmguard, Speck SeeThru case, the keyboard rubber protector and a useless wireless mouse. Ok it’s not that useless, but I have a ton of wireless mice that are being under utilised. I will not open the mouse just yet. I might be able to sell it to someone who needs it though. The freebies are worth getting it in my opinion, since this is my first Macbook Air, not to mention my first notebook. So some protection after using it on day one would be great.

I haven’t gotten the AppleCare yet. I guess I will get it from eBay, since it is cheaper and it was what I did for my Mac mini. It is a huge risk, since you don’t really know who are the one’s out there trying to cheat you money buy shelling out hundreds of dollars for useless AppleCare codes.

I have some essential softwares, such as Firefox, Microsoft works 2011 filled with Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Now I have exactly 100gb of space left. It’s precious, especially when you are using only 128gb SSD storage space. Thank god for iTunes Match. I can now stream my music onto my notebook instead of using precious storage space on music.

I am very tired now, after spending almost the whole evening migrating my hardware and some of my software to the new macbook air and also getting used to the new features of Mountain Lion. I am also trying to think about how my routine would change now that I have a portable device that would be used as a desktop replacement. Tomorrow I am going to resume to school work and see how it goes from there.

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