Believing in the signs, I’m still doubting myself

I believe in reading and looking out for subtle signs in your life. These can be subtle hints and clues as to how your life is gonna unravel in the future. I believe in the law of attraction. Things like being the best and the best will come to you. Being positive and the best things in life will naturally gravitate towards you. Wanting something, and thinking about it, immersing yourself in the things that would eventually get you there. I have been getting those signs, but somehow I still have these lingering doubts that my hopes might be misplaced.

It’s nothing major, like a small tumour in your body that just refuses to go away. Where you have gut feelings that says 100% that you should go for it, put your heart and soul into it and eventually you will get it. This small little tumour of doubt somehow is still in me, causing me to feel doubtful about my outcome. I guess I need to stay strong, immerse myself in the good things, be positive and believe in the hopes that my future would stay bright and the way that I want in coming months.

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