Professional family photoshoot

So my family decided to book an appointment with Serangoon Broadway photostudio for a professional photoshoot, now that I have graduated. It is the same place that I collected my graduation gown for the graduation ceremony.

So we went there, wearing formal and all, and the service was fast, good and efficient. We prepped ourselves, with assistance of course by wearing the shirt, tie, blazer and lastly the gown. Then me, my dad and my mum were whisked away to a room where the actual photography for our family portrait took place. It was a cool looking room. With different backdrops in which you can raise or lower to have that various background effects, as well as a little props like books and globes in which to pose together for that professional graduated portrait look. We took several individual and family portraits, each with different props and backdrops. At the end of it all, eventually we will get to choose the one we want to blow it up to a 30R size. It is the size that my family ultimately decided upon to hang on our walls back at home.

The photoshop was professionally done. Too fast for my taste though. Probably they have done it a thousand times that they knew what were the ideal poses and positions to take for that picture perfect portrait that is suitable to hang on your walls in your homes. There were two guys, the photographer and the assistant. The assistant was the one that suggested the various poses and guided you on how to stand and put your hands and so on. Handsome guy though, and super efficient. We went through several shots and positions in 15 minutes. Im looking forward to how the pictures will turn out. I think they will do some basic photoshopping to look even better. But I’m optimistic that it will turn out good and worthy to hang on the wall.

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