Sprinting on the train platform

I take the train to work every morning. Jurong East MRT station is one of the more crowded stations during peak rush hour. But why do people always sprint from one platform to another as if their life depended on it?

These are some of the behaviours that I find most annoying. I mean, the next train comes barely 2 minutes later and still, there are people running from one platform to another as their transfer trains as if their life depended on it. Chill guys!

There also another inconsiderate behaviour that I found particularly irritating. That is, leaning on grab poles. Here you are in a packed train, everyone standing on whatever space there is left between them and other people. The last thing you want is for somebody to have their backs to the grab poles, leaning against it and not allowing standing passengers to grab onto something when the train lurches forward. The lack of common sense, and common courtesy is seriously lacking in some people who uses the trains. Is standing straight and decent that difficult while on the train? Are your spines that special or fragile that you need something to lean against. It particularly dangerous too especially to older passengers who need more support while standing. Not letting them hold on to the grab poles is just sad to see.

Singapore’s train infrastructure is up to its breaking point. Morning and evening rush hour are the worst time to travel by the train. All these is because of the lack of foresight to increase train capacity at a period when there is a huge population influx.

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