The haze strikes again in Singapore. Now, worse than ever.

It all started in the beginning of the week. The air smelled smokey, like someone threw a huge barbecue party and it followed you wherever you go. Then, then the haze thickens. Before you know it, the PSI levels were off the charts. It was so bad, that the PSI levels broke the previous record set in 1997. The forest fire burning in Indonesia and the resulting smoke created a thick blanket of smoke covering the entire country. It got so bad, that I actually felt the effects of it. Just a normal stroll outside and you feel your throat starting to itch. You also feel slightly out of breath. And then you started to worry about the health implications in breathing the toxic air coming from Indonesia. You started to take precautionary measures, getting N95 masks, and putting them on whenever you go outside. It was the first time, that I actually had to put on the mask wherever I go.

Now, several days have passed and the PSI levels have gone up and down throughout the day. My throat is starting to feel itchy. I can feel phlegm forming. Soon, everyone in Singapore will feel the effects of the haze. A spike in the number of people seeking medical help to alleviate the irritation in your eyes, nose and throat. Those who are vulnerable will have their symptoms worsen, especially those with asthma, breathing complications, the young and the elderly.

I just hope that the haze would go away soon. I am starting to forget what it was like to breathe fresh clean air again.

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