SBS FOC 2011 Opening Video is essentially done.

About a month ago, I was tasked to direct this year’s FOC opening video. It was an arduous task, consisting of 2 days of filming and hours upon hours of editing. In total, I have collected 265 clips totaling near 20GB in size. The use of Adobe Premier Pro CS5 was no easy task either. A complex software in which I have to learn from scratch, with the aid of numerous video tutorials and website tips and tricks. But it was well worth it. The journey from hatching the idea to the completion of the 22 minute video was worth walking through many times over. I think I had the most blessed opportunity to work with some of the best peeps I have come across in my life. Full of energy and optimism, they are my classmates, friends, and confidante through and through.Working with over 20 people for this video is exhilarating and intimidating at the same time.

Although the plot was more of less constructed and decided before I was roped into this project, it is still without doubt the most interesting project I have ever undertaken. All for the sake of the Freshies, the GLs really went beyond miles to make this video an entertaining one for the opening segment of the orientation camp. I have done the best I could, and my only hope is for the Freshies to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

I can’t share the video just yet. Though the editing is essentially complete and the entire video is done. I am left with minor tweaks and adjustments such as timing, audio and subtitling. Even then, I can only reveal the video after it has been shown to the Freshies on the 18 July. Even the GLs haven’t a single clue as to how it would ultimately turn out. They only acted out their parts in the video and have barely a hint on what the other groups are doing. I hope they enjoy what I have created out of the videos that we filmed together and that I have met their expectations.



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