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I know it’s been a long time since I updated my blog. The truth to the matter is that, in august, I started trying the Day One app as my alternative blogging platform. For 3 weeks or so I tried the app, and there are some really nice features that are just not found on the wordpress app.

For starters, the interface is sleek and really easy to use. It allows you to write just about anything and upload photos, and other kinds of media with ease. The entries are saved in your iCloud account and it even has an accompanying mac app that you can use on your desktop. So transitioning from your mobile to your PC is painless.

The Day One app focuses on privacy, being able to write and update the events happening around you with relative ease and respecting your privacy. The app can be password locked prior to use to ward off anyone snooping around when they are in possession of your mobile phone. And with such privacy features in placed, you can pour your deep dark secrets in the Day One app. The app, like a blogging platform, does not emphasise on publishing what you write to the World Wide Web. It’s more personal.

Some aspects of having your entries personal are actually what attracted me to the app in the first place. Combined with its ease of use, I’m sold to using this blogging platform to replace my wordpress blog.

So why am I still updating this blog?
The essential truth is; I cannot bear to part with this blog. This blog has been with me for so many years. Leaving it all behind is a little too painful for me to bear. I can be awfully loyal to a particular platform or brand once I’m used to its services. I still have emotional attachments to my wordpress account.

I posted more personal stuff on the Day One app than my wordpress blog. Mainly because I know that this blog is on public domain. Anyone can read it. I exercised a fair amount of self censorship and restrain. There are aspects if my life that I would rather keep it personal than share to everyone on the World Wide Web, even if he or she is a total stranger. I can assure you that I have expressed nothing derogatory, racist or hateful even on the Day One app towards anyone or groups of people. I am not that kind of person. However, everyone keeps secrets in their lives. I do. And it is those secrets that I simply cannot share with anyone.

That what makes Day One app appealing at first. It was quite liberating to be able to express your innermost secrets about yourself. To be able to put it in words for the first time was somehow therapeutic in the beginning. But then I soon realise that if no one is able to read it, then I actually doesn’t make a difference. It is as if you released the floodwaters full of secrets to relieve pressure from behind a dam, only to be blocked and withheld by another set of dam down the river.

Some might argue that there are other uses for the Day One app. You can use it to keep track of important life changing events in your life. You can use it as a food blog, keep track of what you eat. It can be use in so many creative ways other than just an avenue of writing down your secrets and desires. Yes I agree, but for now, I have not thought of a good use for the app yet. I still like the app very much, and will definitely keep it available for use in my iPhone in case there is an immediate use for it.

So there you have it, just a slight update on why I haven been active on my wordpress account. And, speaking of blogging, I think I foresee myself being active again in the near future. I might even microblog from now on.

I have been using the wordpress app and it’s various updates over time has led my to believe that it is now possible for me to update my thoughts and things happening around me on the go. It is now safe to say that the new wordpress app interface makes updating on the go possible. In fact, this entry that you are reading now was entirely written using my iPhone and not my PC. It’s so much easier to enrich my entries due to easy access to all the settings and markups while writing. I can even upload my photos from my iphone photo library with ease.

It’s not perfect. There are several elements within the app that has it’s interface rooted from the PC or browser equivalent that just doesn’t compare against its mobile focused interface found in the Day One app. But I’m an optimist. Maybe one day, wordpress might just create a separate app for people who wishes to update their blog on the go easier than ever before, making microblogging more robust.

For now, I’ll just accept the fact that the wordpress app is now usable as a blogging platform suitable for mobile use, and that I will put effort in updating more often and on the go, learning my way through the use of this app to make the writing and updating more efficient and effective.

I have so much to update about my life this past month or so. So I will break it up to several entries instead. Stay tuned!

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