The iPod shuffle

I got it as a gift from my recruits while I serving NS. I just completed my studies and I had to serve my remaining 6 weeks of NS when I decided to disrupt 4 years so as not to interfere with my university studies. They were my one and only batch of recruits that... Continue Reading →

iPhone 6 first impressions

It took me 2 hours to collect my phone that I reserved through Singtel. The collection was at the Marina Bay Sands Expo Hall 1, where they set up more than 50 counters for the 15,000 or so customers who managed to reserve a spot for an appointment to collect the phone they have selected... Continue Reading →

Appointment booking

It was intense. I was set. The web page was up. I entered the URL minutes before the scheduled opening, and waited. The email announcing the time and the private URL was sent days ago. Only now, the page appears, showing 2 phones in all it's glory. There were 2 buttons below both phones. 2:59pm.... Continue Reading →


The preregistration for the new iPhone 6 was up on Singtel's website yesterday. I took the opportunity to register my interest by entering my personal particulars including my email address. The preregistration is similar to past practices of registering your interest in getting Apple's new phone. With your email in their mailing list, you will... Continue Reading →

The iPhone 6

Apple is going to announce the new iPhone among other things in a few hours. Personally, I'm extremely excited and will definitely watch the live stream of the conference tonight. I will definitely keep an eye out on my local telco company, keeping track on when the preorder page comes up and the pricing structure... Continue Reading →

Sudden onset of illness

Last week, I feel ill of a sudden. It came without warning. One day I was feeling relatively fine, the next day, just as I was about to prepare to head to work, I felt feverish, my throat felt sore and painful, and there was general malaise throughout my body. I took panadol and dismissed... Continue Reading →

Improved wordpress app interface

Hi there, I know it's been a long time since I updated my blog. The truth to the matter is that, in august, I started trying the Day One app as my alternative blogging platform. For 3 weeks or so I tried the app, and there are some really nice features that are just not... Continue Reading →

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