Bought a gold Macbook Air for dad

Today I went to Best Denki to buy a brand new Macbook Air for my dad. It’s the base model, gold version that I bought for him. Initially we wanted to head down to the Apple Store to get it, but was informed upon arrival that their walk-in appointment slots were already full. The walk-in... Continue Reading →

The iMac with Retina Display

A couple of days ago, I walked into an Apple store and got a chance to physically look at the iMac with Retina Display. All those first impressions that you read online on how gorgeous the screen looks were 100% accurate. It's that gorgeous and the screen totally sucks you in. You can't tear your... Continue Reading →

Happy two year anniversary MacBook air!

According to CoconutBattery, a small little program that tells you the overall battery health of your notebook, it states that my MacBook Air is officially two years old last week! Two year old! And it didn't really feel like two years have passed! I replaced the battery once and the current one is still going... Continue Reading →

Apple’s latest OS: Lion

Developers had a sneak peak at the new OS that is about to be released by Apple this summer, and they are naming after the king of all cats, Lion.A slew of information is already out both officially and developers who have been tinkering with the OS in and out. After reading through some of... Continue Reading →

It's on the way…

Finally ordered my Mac Mini. And it should arrive in 3 working days. Costing at SGD1188 after factoring in student price, I decided to get the higher end version of the Mac Mini. I went to the Apple store at Wheelocks to take a look at the new line of iMacs, and boy they sure... Continue Reading →

New Mac Hardwares launching tomorrow?

There have been several reports these past few weeks, hinting at new Mac hardwares, mainly new Macbooks, iMacs and a refreshed version of Mac Minis. These, 'rumors' were reinforced by reports that several retailers both physical and online are seeing depleted stocks of Mac hardwares with no incoming orders for it. Today, Newsweek's Dan Lyons... Continue Reading →

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