Things to buy in the future

Just writing a personal list of things to buy in the next 6 to 12 months.


1. Find a slimmer, form fitting khaki pants.

2. Get another Ben Sherman Polo T-shirt?

3. Buy a custom made gray business pants with matching brown belt.

4. Buy a custom made business shirt.

5. Buy another Playstation 4 controller.

6. Buy Diablo III for the PS4.

7. Buy iPhone 6 (when its out in September)

8. Check out the Nautica Voyage cologne to change my current cologne from Davidoff that I am using. If the fragrance sucks, stick to Davidoff.

9. Buy another 3-set Cetaphil shower foam. Must not cost more than 70 dollars for the entire pack.

10. Buy winter clothings like jackets and cardigans for my upcoming Korea Trip and New Zealand Trip.

11. Start considering the next set of speakers, external hard drive and Mac computers to buy as part of project ” I.T. Overhaul” in the first half of 2015.


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